Welcome, to the awesome art realm of Brady Smith.

Wow, feels kinda weird to write about myself in third person like this. Oh well, here goes…

Brady is a super talented, handsome, charming, overall fantastic human being. (Hmmmmm, getting used to it already). Brady has been drawing and creating art since he was old enough to grasp a pencil with his tiny child fingers while sitting at his fathers drafting desk. And he hasn’t put it down since.

He likes to refer to most of his paintings as “Tex-Mex”. Bright, colorful, mostly festive pieces inspired by his time growing up in southern Texas. Others have perceived his work as anything from folk to abstract.

Brady has had dozens of solo art exhibits in Los Angeles, Texas and New York.

The website you’re about to peruse (Brady feels like nobody uses that word enough by the way, “peruse”, man, just rolls right off the tongue don’t it?) is filled with all the stuff that he holds dear… Family, critters, art, and other bits of awesomeness randomness.

So grab a beverage, sit back, look around and enjoy. Oh, and feel free to contact Brady if you find something that suits your fancy.

Hey Amigos!

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Brady Smith & Kira Kids

So incredibly excited that my collaboration with Kira kids is finally out in the world!

These limited edition t-shirts are for jumping, running, making silly faces, climbing, pretending & simply being a playful kid! These shirts are not for sitting in front of a TV or any electrical device that has a screen of any kind. If you do, the threading will immediately come apart and you will be left half-naked and embarrassed. Kidding, these shirts are made superbly, but please wear them to play and have fun!!!

Follow along with Brady’s adventures on Instagram @bradysmithhere.

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